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It is possible to climb Mount Taranaki year round, however we are constantly being asked the question when is the best time to attempt a climb to the summit.

If you are inexperienced pick a long dry summer weekday to climb Mount Taranaki so there is plenty of daylight, and not so many people. We have comprised the three main things to consider when making the decision to climb Mount Taranaki.


1. Season

Mount Taranaki (1)

The summer season which begins from December through to the beginning of March is considered to be the best months in terms of weather. During the day you'll typically be greeted with warm weather and clear skies making for an enjoyable day out and picture-perfect photos.

Because Mount Taranaki is more dangerous than it looks we do not recommend climbing in the winter month unless you are an experience climber or are with a guide. This is typically from April to October because the mountain is generally colder and covered in snow and ice near the summit.


2. Weather

Bad Weather

Weather on Mount Taranaki can be unpredictable, and it is possible to be caught out. That is why being aware of the weather is the most important thing to do before climbing the mountain, you can find up to date information here. You want to avoid climbing to the summit when there is visible dark cloud in the distance. Descending the mountain can be a difficult task in the best conditions, adding limited visibility and rain can make it dangerous.

Be aware of what the weather is doing and the minute you don't feel comfortable its sometime best to turn around and try again another day.


3. Time


It's not recommended climbing Mount Taranaki in the dark, especially in the winter month as it can be dangerous. Because this hike can be an 8-10 hour return trip you don't won't to start this track any later than 11am otherwise you may end up making your descent in the dark. 

If you are not attempting to watch the sunrise, to make the most out of this adventure the best time to start climbing Mount Taranaki is in the early morning (7-8 am) when the sun is not directly overhead. This will allow you plenty of time to soak in the view on the summit before heading home.



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